15th Varenna Conference on


Villa Monastero, Varenna

June 11 – 15, 2018



Joint Varenna-Lausanne International Workshop

Villa Monastero, Varenna

August 27 – 31, 2018


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Programme and abstracts


– Swiss Plasma Center, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
– “Piero Caldirola” International Center for the Promotion of Science and International
School of Plasma Physics
– Istituto di Fisica del Plasma del CNR, Milano
– Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

D. BORBA (Lisbon, Portugal)
L. FIGINI (Milano, Italy)
X. GARBET (Cadarache, France) Chairman
L. GARCIA (Madrid, Spain)
P. HELANDER (Greifswald, Germany)
T. HENDER (Culham, United Kingdom)
T. JONSSON (Stockholm, Sweden)
Y. KISHIMOTO (Naka, Japan)
S. MEDVEDEV (Moscow, Russian Federation)
V.P. PASTUKHOV (Moscow, Russian Federation)
P. PAVLO (Prague, Czech Republic)
A. PEETERS (Bayreuth, Germany)
E. POLI (Garching, Germany)
T. SATO (Nagoya, Japan)
O. SAUTER (Lausanne, Switzerland) Scientific Secretary
A. SEN (Bhat, IPR, India)
P. SNYDER (San Diego, USA)
W.M. TANG (Princeton, USA)
F. ZONCA (Frascati, Italy)

– Istituto di Fisica del Plasma del CNR, Milano
– ENEA – Agenzia Nazionale per le Nuove Tecnologie, l’Energia e lo Sviluppo
Economico Sostenibile

“Piero Caldirola” International Centre for the Promotion of Science and International School of Plasma Physics
Prof. Elio Sindoni, Honorary President – Prof. Giuseppe Gorini, President

1) Anomalous Transport (Turbulence, Coherent Structures, Microinstabilities)
2) RF Heating and Current Drive
3) Non Axisymmetric Configurations
4) Macroinstabilities and Magnetic Reconnections
5) Theoretical Aspects of Plasma-Edge Physics and Divertors
6) Theoretical issues related to burning plasmas
Presentations discussing ITER-related topics are particularly welcomed

In addition to invited survey papers, contributed papers (poster only) will be selected on the basis of a one-page abstract. The LateX templates required for the papers can be used for the submitted abstracts as well (see below).
Abstracts should be sent in pdf format, file name as “NAME_Varenna18_abstr.pdf”, by June 15, 2018 to:
O. SAUTER, SPC/EPFL, Station 13, PPB-Ecublens,
CH 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
Fax +41-21-6935176 e-mail: Varenna-Lausanne_at_epfl.ch

As in 2012/14/16, papers will be published in a refereed journal with IOP. The journal will be Plasma Phys. Contr. Fusion (PPCF), for the main papers, and Journal of Physics Conference Series (JPCS) for the other papers.
– The papers published in PPCF will follow the usual refereeing process of this journal and will be published as a cluster of papers related to the Varenna-Lausanne Theory of Fusion Plasmas 2018 Conference.
Follow the guidelines and then LaTeX templates. Note that YOU NEED TO PROVIDE THE PDF PAPER BY FRIDAY 24 AUGUST 2018, so that we can organize the refereeing process in due time.
– The papers published in JPCS will be refereed mainly by the scientific committee and participants of the conference, supervised by X. Garbet and O. Sauter, acting as Editors. The JPCS papers will have a header stating explicitly that the papers have been refereed. Naturally the refereeing process will be lighter (typically one referee) than the PPCF publication. Follow the guidelines and the LateX templates. Note that YOU NEED TO PROVIDE THE PDF PAPER BY FRIDAY 24 AUGUST 2018, so that we can organize the refereeing process in due time.
When submitting the paper, the author can propose a publication in PPCF or JPCS, however the final decision is under the responsibility of the scientific committee. Typically invited papers will be published in PPCF and contributed papers in JPCS.
Papers, invited (typically 10-12 pages) and contributed (typically 6-8 pages), have to follow the Latex guidelines and templates provided by PPCF and by JPCS.
The deadline for the paper is the week before the conference.
Thus send the paper before August 24, 2018, by email to Varenna-Lausanne_at_epfl.ch

Registration fee: 500 EUROS (students 300 EUROS) should be paid by bank transfer before July 27, 2018 to:
Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Account opened in favour of
“International Center Piero Caldirola”
IBAN: IT40B0569651490000041377X47 BIC/SWIFT: POSOIT22XXX
Please, state as motivation of payment: YOUR FULL NAME – Participation “Theory 2018”
All bank expenses are at participants’ charge. Should the net amount transferred to the bank account be less than the requested amount, the difference will be charged to participants at the conference.
Alternatively we accept cash-only payment in Varenna at the registration desk.
Please note credit cards cannot be accepted for payment of the registration fee.
The fee covers admission to the Workshop and social events.

Application and hotel reservation form can be obtained from the Organizing Secretariat at the following address:
Ms. Donatella Pifferetti
Fax +39-0341-1881062
e-mail: theory18_at_ispp.it
Deadline for application: June 15, 2018

Scientific Information:
Dr. O. SAUTER, SPC/EPFL, PPB-Ecublens, Station 13
CH 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland, Fax +41-21-6935176
e-mail: Varenna-Lausanne_at_epfl.ch

Ms Donatella Pifferetti, phone +39-0341 732490
Fax: +39-0341 1881062
e-mail: theory18_at_ispp.it


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