Workshop on

Fusion for Neutrons and Sub-critical Nuclear Fission

Villa Monastero
Varenna (Lecco), Italy
September 12 – 15, 2011

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Organized by:
*  “Piero Caldirola” International Centre for the Promotion of Science and ISPP, Italy
*  Istituto di Fisica del Plasma “Piero Caldirola”, CNR, Italy
*  Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, Milano, Italy
*  Engineering Department, Uppsala University, Sweden
*  ENEA Centro Ricerche Frascati , Italy
*  Consorzio RFX, Padova, Italy
In collaboration with International Atomic Energy Agency

Scientific Advisory Committee:

Mikhail Gryaznevich, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, Culham, UK
Alexander Ivanov, Budker
Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia
Thomas Klinger, Max-Planck-Institute
of Plasma Physics, Greifswald, Germany
M. Kotschenreuther, University of Texas, Austin, USA
Jan Källne (co-chair),
Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
Maurizio Lontano, Istituto
di Fisica del Plasma, CNR, Milano, Italy
Sergei Mirnov, SRC RF
TRINITI, Troitsk, Russia
Marco Ricotti, Politecnico
di Milano, Milano, Italy
Aldo Pizzuto, ENEA Centro Ricerche Frascati, Frascati, Italy
Dmitri Ryutov (co-chair), Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory, Livermore, USA
Massimo Salvatores,
Commissariat à L’Energie Atomique, Cadarache, France
Alexander Stanculescu, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID, USA
Yican Wu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, China
Olov Ågren, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Scientific Secretariat
Giuseppe Gorini            Milano-Bicocca University and ISPP
Francesco P. Orsitto     ENEA Centro Ricerche Frascati
Marco Tardocchi           Istituto di Fisica del Plasma “Piero Caldirola”, CNR
Carlo Sozzi                     Istituto di Fisica del Plasma “Piero Caldirola”, CNR

Local Organizing Committee
Donatella Pifferetti       ISPP   Organizing Secretary
Vanni Antoni                 Consorzio RFX
Giuseppe Gorini           Milano-Bicocca University and ISPP
Giovanni Grosso           Istituto di Fisica del Plasma “Piero Caldirola”, CNR
Maurizio Lontano         Istituto di Fisica del Plasma “Piero Caldirola”, CNR
Francesco P. Orsitto    ENEA Centro Ricerche Frascati
Elio Sindoni                   ISPP President and Milano-Bicocca University
Marco Tardocchi          Istituto di Fisica del Plasma “Piero Caldirola”, CNR
Carlo Sozzi                     Istituto di Fisica del Plasma “Piero Caldirola”, CNR

The motivation, scope and aim of the FUNFI workshop derive from the renewed interest
in nuclear energy that has led to new construction of fission reactors and R&D on next generation (GIV) types. Research on fusion reactors is continuing and has recently branched off to include plasmas of limited energy gain constituting powerful neutron sources suited for irradiation purposes, which can be tailored as drivers for sub-critical fission reactors.
Fusion-fission hybrid reactors allow increased extraction efficiency of the
fission fuel energy with relaxed energy gain demand on the fusion plasmas.
FUNFI will address the physics principles of fusion-fission hybrids and current
research. The focus will be on the characteristics of different plasmas in magnetic confinement that can serve as drivers in hybrid reactors, as well as, driver interface to surrounding neutron reaction blankets.
The workshop is directed to scientists and PhD students on FUNFI hybrid research
and relevant fields of magnetic fusion plasmas, fast fission reactors, neutron physics, etc., besides those interested in learning more about the potential role of fusion-fission hybrids
to provide better nuclear energy.
The program will contain tutorials on scientific/technical background for FUNFI
including its potential role in future use of nuclear energy, besides complementary lectures on selected research activities. The program will also include submitted contributions (on magnetic FUNFI plasmas), of which a selection will be made for presentation in the oral or poster sessions. Ample time is scheduled for discussions.
Besides the science/engineering aspects of hybrids, there will be a concluding session on the theme ‘Future nuclear energy with FUNFI’ based on special lecture presentations.

Special Lectures
·Geo-political and strategic aspects of present and future nuclear energy.  Hans Blix (Former GD of IAEA)
· Nuclear energy acceptance and potential role to meet future energy demand.
Which technical/scientific achievements are needed?  Roland Schenkel  (Former DG of JRC-EU)

Tutorial Lectures
Overview of nuclear energy; present and projected commercial use.  Alexander Stanculescu (Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID, USA)
Neutronics for critical fission reactors and sub-critical fission in
hybrids.   Massimo Salvatores (CEA, Cadarache, France)
Principles and experience of fast neutron reactors as compared to
present (GII), constructed (GIII) and planned (GIV) thermal reactors
Andrei Rineiski
(KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany) Massimo Salvatores (CEA, Cadarache, France)
4 challenges in magnetic fusion research (Speaker to be confirmed)
Principles of ADS hybrids and the EU research program
Enrico Gonzalez (CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain)
Principles of fusion neutron sources and fusion-fission hybrid reactor
applications  Weston M. Stacey (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ge, USA)

Invited Research Papers
Overview of hybrid system research activities in China
Yican Wu
(Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, China)

New approaches to the tokamak-based hybrids
Michael Kotschenreuther (Univ. of Texas, Austin, USA)
Research on fusion neutron sources
Mikhail P. Gryaznevich (CCFE, Culham, UK)
Fusion neutron research at Novosibirsk including experiments
Alexander A. Ivanov (Budker Inst. of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk,
Russia) Mirror-based hybrids of recent design Ralph Moir (LLNL, Livermore, Ca, USA)
The hybrid project based on the straight field line mirror concept
Olov Ågren (Uppsala Univ., Uppsala, Sweden)

Contributed Research Papers for Oral or Poster Presentation
Contributions are welcome on topics including:
·magnetic plasmas, concepts and projects for FUNFI applications;
·plasma Q, fission k and energy gain of fusion-fission
·fuels for subcritical hybrid reactors;
·diagnostics for fusion-fission hybrids;
·strategic role of nuclear energy with fusion-fission hybrids.

Contributed Papers

Contributed papers for the workshop will be selected by the Scientific Advisory Committee
in line with the points listed in the sections ‘ Purpose’ and ‘Topics’
on the basis of a one page abstract. These abstracts should be sent by May 31st, 2011 to:
Marco Tardocchi           tardocchi_funfi@ifp.cnr.it
and in copy to
Donatella Pifferetti        funfi2011@ispp.it

Notification of abstract acceptance will be sent via e-mail by June 17th, 2011.

Following the tradition of ISPP workshops started in 1971 all papers will be published in a
book of Proceedings. Manuscripts must be delivered at the Conference. Detailed instructions for authors will be published on the Conference web site.

For enquiries, please contact:
For questions related to the science programme:
Giuseppe Gorini          gorini_funfi@ifp.cnr.it
Marco Tardocchi          tardocchi_funfi@ifp.cnr.it

For questions related to the conference proceedings:
Carlo Sozzi                 sozzi_funfi@ifp.cnr.it

For any other question:
Donatella Pifferetti        funfi2011@ispp.it
Tel. +39-0341-732490
Fax: +39-0341-1881062

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